Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Winter Garden

About this time of year, I used to say goodbye to gardening until spring. My activities in the garden have slowed down, but things continue to 'appen.

This photo focuses on one of the most active spots. In the foreground, you'll find beets, kale, and carrots. If they don't mature before the first hard frosts, I'll probably cover them with straw.

Looking beside and beyond the closest pile of manure, you'll find rows of lighter green, to the left and right of some carrots. These light green rows are hard red winter wheat (future bread). The garden bed beyond them also contains winter wheat. In the first garden bed, the thicker, taller grass is winter rye (more future bread). That garden bed also has leeks, spinach, and lettuce.
Below, a picture taken from the east side, shows the winter rye in the first garden and a few leeks on the far left.

"What are those brown leaves in the foreground?" says Virginia.

Some of our lemongrass plants, all of which, as usual, I forgot to transplant indoors before the first frost. Oh well, I have some more seeds to start in the spring.
New this year, I planted a small amount of farro wheat (emmer winter wheat), along the south side of the greenhouse. It sprouted a few days ago. See the wisps of green? 
Going inside the greenhouse, nearly full at the moment, here's a green pepper that's getting close to pickin.'
This fall, I planted many things in pots in the greenhouse, including lettuces, kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy.

I've also loaded up the compost bin in the greenhouse, hoping if I pack it right it'll provide some heat.