Monday, February 15, 2016


Trump is going to win. Don’t get too excited, Trump fans, I don’t mean the presidential election. I still have enough faith in Americans to think that won’t happen.

I don’t suppose I should post something like this, but just in case I might offer anything that hasn’t been said before, I’ll give it a try. Besides, I haven’t blogged in ages.

He has already won. I mean, he could quit tomorrow and say he’s won. He has proven quite a few points, more than enough to support best-selling books, movies, plays, Broadway musicals, or whatever. Enough to keep most people active until they die and the big bucks rolling in beyond the grave.

He’s an actor, probably better than the last professional actor we put in the White House.

We could start with the basics. Is he a Republican? Who really knows? What has he done to prove he is? Claimed that former President Bush made the country less safe by spending trillions on a useless war? Invited a famous Democrat to his wedding, and contributed to her war chest?

I suppose he’s filed numerous statements saying he’s Republican. If he’s not, someone, the Republican Party if no one else, probably could sue him for a bunch of things. Now, wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Talk about movie rights.

Just for the sake of discussion, consider this. What if, some day, we discovered, perhaps when he won the White House (and packed his cabinet with donkeys), that he’s not a Republican?

Look, it doesn’t matter if he loses the White House. He has shown that a person with a lot of money, even one who might have earned more if he’d simply invested his inheritance in a good mutual fund (but what fun would that have been?), can go a long way along the path to the White House.  Perhaps he’s shown that an actor with a good (even, a very bad) script can win friends (well, voters, at least) and influence people. Perhaps he’s shown what can be done by a billionaire without Citizens United. Perhaps he’s shown that winning in politics takes little political experience whatsoever. Perhaps he’s shown that the system is broken.

Face it, he’s already won.