Friday, April 25, 2014

Thank You for the Suggestions

"It's about time to paint that roof."

"Have you thought about bottom-watering your seedlings?"

"Have you ever planted black kale?"

"You really ought to trellis those peas."

"You might want to give some thought to a tractor."

"At least, get yourself a roto-tiller."

"Did you plant all those peas by hand? You should try an automatic planter."

"We've got a seed-spreader you could use to plant grass."

"Everything looks good, except for that." He points at the fire-proof carpet underneath our wood stove.

"Have you considered buying grain in bulk for your livestock?"

"Of course, you're going to finish 'em on grain, not pasture."

"Green beans'll produce more if you plant them 8 inches apart."

"Man, those strawberries are packed. You didn't get many this year, did you?"

"You know, it's better to split that wood while it's green."

"Roundup's a lifesaver. You should use it."

"A little Sevin would take care of those Colorado potato beetles."

"When are you going to paint that barn?"

"You need a Gator or ATV."

"Leonard must be turning over in his grave."

"You ought to hire a tax-preparer."

"That geothermal heat pump'll never pay for itself."

"Does stuff really grow in all that mulch?"

"Your driveway looks like a used-car lot."

"The suggestions keep on coming, don't they?" says Virginia.

Yep, just a few samples. Gotta love 'em.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey, Jack!

On March 16, the day before a few inches of snow fell on Elk Cliff Farm, Jack, Julie, Karen and I planted potatoes. 

Check this out, Jack -- the bigger green thing on the right, not the little lamb's quarter on the left. It popped up yesterday.
How many days did it take that piece of potato we stuck in the bottom of a vee-ditch to see sunlight?

"I understand something else on Elk Cliff Farm saw daylight for the first time today," says Virginia.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Virginia is starving for attention, so she was pleased when don Juan said he would not talk to me until I identified the "mushroom." She knows how much I like to hear from don Juan, who contacts me about as often as God. Just in case, I must leave the channel open. Thus, my dear don Juan, the answer: the "mushroom" is a long view shot of a donkey's rear. I'd say it another way, but as I've already mentioned, I like to keep my lines of communications clear.

Spring has finally arrived at Elk Cliff Farm, not to say we won't get snow on my birthday. The first clue was a more-than-doubling of our goat population. For those of you who haven't seen a kidding (other than on April 1), check out this picture of a kid still in a sac. Imagine the fun of watching that little creature break the membrane. We take a year to walk. They're wobbling around in a few minutes.
Some other indicators appeared at Arrowhead Lodge.

Virginia says, "We'll send a check to the first person who identifies them both."