Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bit by Bit

As I watch my solar electric fence, disconnected for the winter, shivering madly to brisk winds, I'm thinking what to try with the field garden weed patch next season.  I'd like to fill it with grains for the farm animals and sweet corn for the human animals.  Before that can work, the ubiquitous Johnsongrass rhizomes must be conquered.  I could arrange several 2-3 week passes by a tractor or I could gradually cover it with cardboard, topsoil and manure.  I'm inclined toward the latter, which I could start any time and would nudge it toward a rich organic environment.

"That would take forever," says Virginia.

Forever is a very long word.  It's true that gardening is forever, at least the kind I have in mind, but like anything worth doing in life, bit by bit eventually gets the job done.  By late spring, that 10,000 square foot patch could be a neighborhood attraction, for humans as well as deer and ground hogs.

"Bit by bit" -- a lasting slogan, motivator of the mighty.  "How do you run 50 miles?"  "Bit by bit."  "How can you read a book as long as "Les Miserables?"  "Bit by bit."  How did you make it through college/law/vet/med school?"  "Bit by bit."  "And how do you write a book?"

"Bit by bit."

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