Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sabbath

Never, never work on Sunday.  I remember the first time I noticed a violation of this rule.  After church, we drove a block over to Niswander's Newstand so Dad could run inside to buy a paper.  It dawned on me that because of us the Niswanders had to work on Sunday, so I asked another obvious question, "how come the preacher works on Sunday?"

The topic arises because, like many self-employed people, I have a bit of a problem stopping.  The sooner I finish a project, the sooner I can either take a break or begin the next one.

I just sent an update off to its editor. Look at the calendar.  It's a Sunday.  Among other things, that means I worked 12 days in a row, some of them very long days.

"You're going to you know where," says Virginia.

Yeah, I'm going to go party pretty soon when I have a whole week or more off.  I'm not going to justify my approach by spouting some religious mumbo-jumbo about legalistic behavior and the importance of grace.  If you want to, go ahead, comment.

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