Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Shopping Spree

"So you've closed down the garden for winter, right?" says Virginia, who seems to be on the mend but doesn't get out much.

Hardly. Would you like to go shopping? How about a salad? Lettuces, spinach and beet greens.
Maybe add some bok choy or chinese cabbage.
Let's toss in a few leaves of kale and broccoli raab (in memory of my friend, Peggy).
Of course, we need carrots, maybe some nips (turnips and parsnips), and dill, too.
Chives, basil and sage add flavor.
Maybe fennel and rosemary.
We almost forgot parsley, radishes and New Zealand spinach.
Adam and I missed an eggplant the other day when Mr. Frost stayed away.  He still hasn't arrived.
For more substance, we might add potatoes, green tomatoes or kohlrabi.
Now, before you go, how about a good cry? We'll dig up and grind some horseradish.

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