Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Token Solution

I've had it with our pervasive socialism, haven't you? It's so bad even the City of Lexington's having budget problems. I feel guilty every time I drive into town. No toll at the city gate. No parking fees. No charge to visit Traveller's grave. I feel like a Marxist freeloader.

Here's a token solution. To use any social service in Lexington requires a token. You earn one for every dollar you pay in city taxes. You can buy them for a dollar apiece, or you can earn them by working: sweep streets and sidewalks, be a judge for a day, lay asphalt on Nelson Street, sign up to collect tolls at points of sale.

Look. Isn't it time we pay for everything we use? One could even rent a flagpole for a day, with enough tokens. And once Lexington is established as a model city, who knows where this could spread?

"You're getting pretty local here," says Virginia.

Nah. It's globally translatable.

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