Saturday, October 27, 2012

Almost Halloween Garden

Sweet potatoes must be picked this weekend. Frost is coming. The leaves have already been nipped by cool weather. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)
I rescued our oranges this morning, hardy trifoliate. So tart, they flavor water nicely, might make marmalade.
Lettuces, spinach and beets are coming along.
This cosmos entertains an alianthus webworm moth.
The last 2 years I planted English peas in August and they failed to mature before winter. This year I got smarter and planted sugar snap peas, figuring we could eat them at any stage. That's the answer, from now on, sugar snap peas in fall. Also broccoli, beats and our late, late green beans. Wheat is waiting to sprout in between.
Here's another garden bed where the wheat has risen.
Hyacinth beans accompany orange trees (in the greenhouse).
"Didn't I smell tomato sauce yesterday?" asks Virginia.

Yes, for our pizza dinner last night with a couple of couples. Heritage tomatoes are almost perfect this time of year (also in the greenhouse).


  1. Very nice productive garden! So tidy too.

  2. Thank you so much for identifying the bug, James! I have a photo of one because I thought it was so beautiful when it showed up chez nous. Alianthus web worm. It even has a pretty name! I don't want to know (for now) if it's bad. :) Linda