Sunday, October 27, 2013

Risky Business

 Our most-expensive-ever pickup load of firewood:

"Why do you say that?" says Virginia.

I'm not allowed to go into details. Suffice to say, if my good friend who helped me harvest this and carve it with a log splitter were a piano player, he would not be touching any keys for at least several weeks. We're hoping that the UVa orthopedist he's seeing right now, this minute, will set things right.

Even on a day like today, when mountains bathe in a light blue sea and every breath tastes as fine as your favorite, a moment's lapse can prompt the question: "Is all this work worthwhile?"

Yes, I say, although I'm not the one in an operating room. Perhaps some future day, a condominium will call me home. And then what will I do? Finally finish Virginia's story, perhaps.


  1. I love the phrase, every breath tastes as fine as your favorite.

  2. is questioning the worthwhile-ness of your work worthwhile? recursion until meaninglessness, or where you started. i taunt myself with the same questions of worthwhile-ness but i believe that ultimately the idea of worthwhile is a farce. keep breathing that fine air!