Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Virginia is starving for attention, so she was pleased when don Juan said he would not talk to me until I identified the "mushroom." She knows how much I like to hear from don Juan, who contacts me about as often as God. Just in case, I must leave the channel open. Thus, my dear don Juan, the answer: the "mushroom" is a long view shot of a donkey's rear. I'd say it another way, but as I've already mentioned, I like to keep my lines of communications clear.

Spring has finally arrived at Elk Cliff Farm, not to say we won't get snow on my birthday. The first clue was a more-than-doubling of our goat population. For those of you who haven't seen a kidding (other than on April 1), check out this picture of a kid still in a sac. Imagine the fun of watching that little creature break the membrane. We take a year to walk. They're wobbling around in a few minutes.
Some other indicators appeared at Arrowhead Lodge.

Virginia says, "We'll send a check to the first person who identifies them both."


  1. Happy Belated Birthday James! Phyllis

  2. usually when God talks to me I'm in trouble.

    white = bloodroot...still working on purples although they look very familiar. go ahead and start writing that check (which better not be a "check mark")!

  3. the purple ones look to be "glory of the snow" flowers, or Chionodoxa forbesii as we call them in the science world. did i get it right? do you need an address for sending the check? i take paypal too :D

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