Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fruit Season Begins, and More

"What's with the red fingers?" says Virginia. "Too much piano playing?"

Yeah, right. No, berry season has begun. Wild black raspberries, one of my favorites. Just in time, too, because the strawberry patch yielded its last quart for the season a couple days ago.
We have a large patch right behind our house. Here's what I picked early this morning.
The next month will bring buckets of wild black raspberries, wineberries, wild blackberries, and our domesticated Doyle's thornless blackberries and red raspberries. I think the wild blacks are the tastiest.

Later on, I hope, these grapes will ripen.
I nibbled my first tasty fallen peach this morning. Will I get the rest before the varmints?

Now nasturtiums may grace Karen's gourmet dinners.
We'll end with a "before and after."


  1. Those grapes grew a lot since I last looked at them. Nice pictures.

  2. Awesome wild black raspberries! I hate when my hands become dirty, but I would survive that as I think berries are worth that!