Friday, February 19, 2010

First Day of Spring

By mid-February
hard winter hearts
begin to soften,
knowing snow and ice
will not linger long,
but eyes still roll
when she says
Valentine's is the first
day of Spring.

Dr. Oz says we should not plan to avoid serious illness.  Instead, we should stay in shape so we can leave it behind as quickly as possible.

Do you think the deli worker who "stretches" sliced turkey by inserting a sheet of paper between each slice does it for her own order?

If you scream denials of climate change, don't forget the difference between climate and weather.  It may be cold here, but I understand they had to haul snow to the ski runs in Vancouver because it's warmer than usual. For more, see

"Do any of these have anything to do with that poem?" asks Virginia.

"Nada," say I.

"Speaking of Dr. Oz," says Virginia, "who recommends spending at least 15 minutes per day in the sun.  When snow is on the ground, would 7 1/2 minutes be enough?"

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