Saturday, February 20, 2010


"Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor."  This wisdom, attributed to a reality show participant, reminds me of my posting with the Salinger quote ("Nobody," February 15, 2010) and in my mirror I see a Puritan, perhaps a prude, who would flop on a reality show, who doesn't like reality shows, or more accurately, who doesn't want to admit he likes reality shows so he ignores them except for a peak around the corner once in a while, knowing if he surrendered they would suck time from worthy endeavors such as composing masterpieces for this blog very few people read and which serves as a motivational tool for an angst-driven middle-aged creative writer wannabe who might be better off fantasizing fiction except he's open-minded enough to recognize much of this blog, like life, is fiction so maybe he isn't a prude or Puritan after all.

"That's a mouthful, prude," says Virginia.

"So you think..." I say.

"No question," says Virginia.  "Don't you know a blog is where you're supposed to write things formerly known as secrets everyone until recently kept close, never discussed even with a friend of the same sex?"

"The same what?" I cover my ears.


  1. 350 hits since you put the counter on is a good number to my way of thinking. We are out here and we are reading.

  2. Thanks for being out there reading.