Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day After

Let's reprise January 27, 2010, when I blogged about the old Natural Bridge High School track.  I often use the track for speedwork.  This morning I wanted a short relaxing run after spending all of yesterday standing on a concrete floor.

Of course, before we enter, we must buy tickets. 
All right, now read the rules.  You've gotta look up, way up. 
Believe it or not, that's a new sign.  Its use of the term "joggers" reminds me of runners 20 years ago who looked down on "joggers" as fly-by-night and casual.

Before we start our laps, let's check out the schedule.
All right, first time around, admire the scoreboard.
"Those were the days, my friend," sings Virginia.

They were days, maybe not "the days."

Now this is new.  I don't know what it is, maybe for lacrosse.

On the way home, firewood envy struck.

By the way, we had salad for dinner last night, and I'm still wondering when/if I'll want to eat any AVH (Arnold's Valley Hog). Karen worked on the sausage today while I dug post holes for a garden fence.

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