Monday, February 14, 2011


This blustery afternoon kept us alert for flying objects, such as the roof of our chicken tractor, which refuses to stay where it belongs.  The sun was warm enough to offer suntans, and I couldn't help wondering what the northern wind portended.  Our low was about 50 last night, so the maple sap ran free, offering us about 24 gallons this morning.  The wind slowed the flow to 16 more this afternoon.

I invested my Valentine's Day in post holes.  First time around, most of them did not meet standard, so before sticking in 4x4 posts, I've had to deepen them to 30 inches.  The last few inches tend to be clayey or rocky, and not much fun.  Seventeen more await finishing tomorrow.  Then we'll install the wire fence along the inside.  We'll prettify it soon with wooden boards on the outside.

The main purpose of this fence is to keep out the chickens.  Let's hope the fence, accompanied by regular feather trimming, does the job.

"What were you doing, playing in the dirt today?" says Virginia.  "I saw you take a break."

My resolve to delay spring planting until the fence is finished fell apart, twice.  Three days ago I planted peas (Wandos).  Today I planted onions.  These will assure prompt completion of the fence.  Oh yes, I've got to build some gates, too.

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