Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Before Snowfall

It's too early for Blackberry Winter, or Dogwood Winter for that matter.  We're expecting snow tomorrow.  Brrr!  Lest we forget, our camera accompanied me around the gardens today.

I think this next guy has the right idea, exactly what I'd try to do if I were stuck on the lawn, considering how temperatures have dropped.
Now for my tasty friends.  (Are the above tasty?  You tell me.)  This next fellow will be ready to pick very soon.
"Stand up straight, onions," says Virginia.
"You, too, peas."
Certain little children I used to know called the immature flowers of these plants, "brocky trees."  This is Radini Broccoli, I'd guess so named because the leaves look a bit like radishes.
Here's some random Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach.
Take a look at wisps of Scarlet Nantes carrots up close. 
Cilantro, lots of it, has volunteered to spice up our salads.  I didn't need to save the coriander.  Want some?
Parsnips look much like cilantro, don't they?
"Eat me, eat me," begged the arugula all winter.  Now some of it is going to seed (flowers first).
"But we have been eating you," we say, "along with this stuff."
Some day we'll use Japanese Quintz fruit for something, although the flowers probably make the plant worthwhile.
 "Don't freeze on us peaches, pretty please!"
"You either, pears!"
"Or you, plums!"
I have to show you this apricot tree -- one tree, two sets of flowers.  Last year it bore fuzzy and smooth fruit, which some pest stole from us.  Which is fuzzy -- red or white?  Which is smooth -- white or red?
All right. Last picture for the day.  This one demonstrates what can happen when I plant a tree far away from my other fruit trees.  I forgot to prune the Hardy Trifoliate Orange.  We may discover whether it's hardy enough.

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