Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fence Gates and Spring Gardens

Seventeen hand-dug post holes per day for three days were included in my weekly report a couple weeks ago.  Here's a gate Karen made for the fence that's now nearly finished.
"What's this about a weekly report?" asks Virginia.

Just kidding, but remembering my time at Citicorp, when by noon each Friday I had to submit a report to my boss on the amazing things my staff and I had accomplished during the prior week.  My boss had to do the same to his boss, up the ladder to John Reed, the company's chairman.  Follow the weekly report trail and you could determine "how many down" you were from Reed -- "two-down," "three-down," etc.  The lower the number, the more important, right?  Eventually, age or experience persuades most of us how unimportant each of us really is -- to the world or universe as a whole -- and how important we are to ourselves (get sick and observe your default mode).

The spinach I planted February 16 looks like this.
Compare that to the spinach planted last Fall, which is ready to join a salad or stir fry.
Speaking of the past, check out this parsnip planted last year.
Here's some oak leaf lettuce planted February 19,
 and some of its brothers and sisters in the greenhouse.
Stretching things a little further, take a look at future super sugar snap peas of Elk Cliff, planted March 5, 2011.
"How thrilling," Virginia mutters.

No, I didn't soak them overnight or "inoculate" them, which seems like too much trouble.  They'll get soaked by the rain we're expecting.

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