Monday, May 9, 2011

Found Objects

An older brother bemoans the lack of rain in Kansas, where the mercury reached 100 degrees (F) today.  A year ago, or maybe two, they had a season of record rains.  Meanwhile, some folks around here complain they can't get their gardens in because it's been too wet.  Silver Queen sweet corn climbed into our garden this afternoon.  After several more plantings, with luck, we might have sweet corn into November like last year and the year before.

For now, cheer the chives,
nurture the nasturtiums,
and peek at the pea.
These guys are hard to find, but you know they're there because your cabbage leaves are holey and, as you can see in the little web, they make deposits.  Forget about dropping them in gasoline or soapy water.  Around here they simply get squished.  At least this one did.
  Some thinning is in order, in this lettuce bed.
Speaking of lettuce, volunteers are always welcome.
"Tell me," says Virginia, "who's guarding the artichokes?"
Maybe some child or parent knows.  Let's call him Art for now.  When our son was little, he would often ask me, after I returned from a run, "What did you bring me?"  I would hand him something I found, like this guy, who was sitting by the side of the road a few days ago, waiting for a rescue.

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