Friday, May 20, 2011

Animals in Trouble

He's pretty hard to see in this picture, but the Imposter, our number two rooster, is sitting in this tree. Double-click on it and look for dark feathers right in the middle.
"Now why is he up there?" says Virginia.

Because he's a smart rooster.  Of the 9 that arrived a month or two ago after a friend called to ask if we wanted some roosters, he's the one that slipped away before meeting his fate in the killing cone.  And now, he knows that to escape the weasel or whatever it is that killed 4 hens a few nights ago, the higher the better.

Okay, here's a better picture, but you needed to see the whole tree first.
Now that we're down to 3 hens, while we wait for our 13 month-old chicks to grow up, Lex and Rosie (our Boxers) are missing their daily egg treat.  Karen would hand each of them an egg, which they would crack open, lick from the shell, then for a snack dessert, eat the shell.  Come and admire their coats, will you?

To brag a little on our trained hens, they lay their eggs here.
See the hinge at the bottom of the photo?  The door you can't see, down below in the picture, is only open when we retrieve the eggs (or take pictures).  Karen cut these doors inside the barn, so we can reach into a coop she built outside on the front of the barn. 

Yesterday, Karen asked me to take some pictures of Darla, just in case, I think.
That is, just in case Darla failed to survive surgery this morning.  Her vet removed an abscess and lymph node nestled between her carotid artery and jugular vein.  She seems a bit tired, but gobbled down a bottle of milk in no time.

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