Monday, June 6, 2011

Fava Me, Will Ya?

For some reason, I think we may be having cabbage and fava beans for dinner.

Here's Karen, the decapitator, and...
the anatomy of the interior, a/k/a the cabbage tree of life.
Here's the decorative supplement...
shelled, but still in its "pajamas."
"Aren't you going to provide a recipe?" says Virginia.

Maybe some other day.  To be honest, we're virgins so far as fava beans go.

Of course our garden doesn't make promises, but it looks promising.

The chickens think the wheat is ready to harvest.  See the brown chick on the left?  He's hard to see even if you click on the photo.
These are Cylindra beets -- long and cylindrical.
I think I'll pick this guy tomorrow.
As you can tell, I took one of these off the shelf.
"Tell me another one," says Virginia.

Okay, okay.  I ate the other two, too.

I hope the squirrels don't get this acorn squash before it's ready this fall.
 Any time we want, we have potatoes, onions...
and fried green tomatoes.
I'm about ready to pull these blooming peas out and replace them with corn and sweet potatoes.
Actually it's a purple larkspur among Wando peas. Now I've got to figure out how to pull up the peas and leave the larkspurs.

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