Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flower Power

This year's gardenscape includes a variety of flowers.  Here's an edible one that often appeared on dishes at The Blue Heron, our local favorite vegetarian restaurant, now defunct.

Here's another edible flower, known for its seeds.
Sunflowers (edible) and Larkspur (toxic)

Take a look at this week's version of next week's sunflower.
Of course, veggies have flowers, too.  I couldn't bring myself to eat the artichoke, so here's what happened.
And here's a bloomin' onion.
Carrots anyone?  Actually, at this stage, the root's nasty woody.
If we're lucky, the cilantro will re-seed itself and we'll be able to toss it in our August salads.
This acorn squash has grown like crazy in the past 10 days.
"How's the bread doing?" says Virginia.

Sometimes it's hard to keep her on topic.  No flowers, but the wheat is almost ready to harvest.  Our 2-month old chicks discovered this garden bed today, so we're going to have to get busy soon.

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