Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mushrooms Grow Fast

When I looked out our window this morning I saw this.
Do you see to the right of the little red run-in shed, a little right of the middle of the picture? Here's a closer view.
"It looks like a mushroom," says Virginia. "Could it be?"

Well, here's another. You might want to double-click on the picture to make it bigger.
Could it be? Wow! If it is, it's a big 'un.


  1. OK, I give up...what the heck is it?

  2. Could be a donkey/horse/goat with its ass facing us and its head way that's a shroomie though! No way!

  3. or maybe it's some kinda funky scarecrow that Karen created. looks like it could be wearing a cowboy hat...

  4. Who knows!? It's almost morel season. Let's go pickin'