Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Dinner of Worms

I've been gradually covering the field garden -- that's the 100' x 100' square in our field -- with cardboard, newspapers, magazines and topsoil, as a solution for a serious Johnsongrass (crabgrass) invasion.  My friend Rob would say only someone with too much time on his hands would attempt this project.  He might be right, although time is something I'd buy if I could.  I tend to think of it as meditation time, sort of like raking a Japanese stone garden I suppose.  Eventually I may finish.
"Don't you worry about colored ink?" says Virginia.

Not really, although I prefer cardboard (I tear off any plastic tape first) and black and white newspapers.  When we attended the 2010 annual convention of the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers, someone asked Will Allen, of Growing Power, the same question in a different context -- that is, regarding his gigantic composting operation (see  He said no, he didn't worry, the worms would handle it. 

I see many worms while I meditate in my garden, so I'm leaving it to the worms, too.

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