Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pot Maker

When I mentioned that 70-some tomato seedlings needed to be transplanted, Karen asked if I had enough pots.  Yes, I thought, for this round, but it's time to hunt up bunches more.

Then I saw a fiddler on the greenhouse roof and heard "Pot maker, pot maker, make me a pot...."  Hand to the forehead, "I could have had a V-8."

I scurried into the living room to see if the familiar, never-used box still waited with my seeds for this season, on the lid of an old George Steck grand piano we're babysitting for our piano tuner.  It's not much fun to play, but it's great for storing gardening supplies.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," says Virginia.  "The chairman of a college music department loved that piano."

Once upon a time.  Try playing it.

The box was there.  I grabbed it and headed to the greenhouse.
Read the directions on the box, then take a newspaper and cut it into a 3 1/2" strip.  Open the box.  Nice woodworking job!
Begin wrapping the newspaper strip around the top of the pot maker.
Wrap it all the way.
Fold the newspaper over the end of the pot maker.
Press the other part of the pot maker tightly against the folded-over newspaper.
Remove the presser and admire the bottom.
Remove the newspaper.
Fill the pot with soil.
Voila!  An unlimited supply of pots.
Time to do something else.

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  1. Was going to ask you the other day if you had a pot maker. I have made hundred of paper pots. I love making paper pots. It is amazing how they stay together even when quite wet.