Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Parade

Fifty or sixty years ago in Lima, Ohio, Easter Straker, to whom Oprah may owe a thank you, had a show on WIMA entitled "The Easter Parade."  A mid-day show, it covered issues of interest to women.  We kids didn't watch it, unless our brother had won a bicycle or something.

"Of course you didn't watch it," says Virginia.  "You didn't have a television."

Good point.  If it played at our house, it was the radio version.  To see the bicycle awarded, we had to traipse over to find Channel 35 at a neighbor's house, the same neighbor who welcomed hordes of kidlings for cartoons on Saturday mornings, and maybe on Sunday nights for Walt Disney Presents and, although it kept us up pretty late, the Ed Sullivan Show.

This blog was going to be about the names parents choose, such as April Showers, who attended our Sunday School class.  When we were sifting through child's names, we promptly discarded Peter Pannabecker and Peanut Pannabecker, both relevant enough to peanut butter, which briefly served as a nickname for one, maybe more, of the Pannabecker kids in our grade school.

Anyway, Happy Easter!

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