Friday, January 4, 2013

Garden Imaginings

I never have enough garden space for everything I long to plant, although I often have enough for everything I'm able to handle. Too much leads to complaints from the neighbors, "Leonard used to keep that lawn immaculate."

"To be honest," says Virginia. "They say that no matter what you do."

Yes. Where we used to live, folks meeting us for the first time would say, "Oh, you live in Sarah's house. Sarah...." Let's face it. We ain't neatniks.

So yesterday we added some fodder. We installed a garden fence for what I'm calling "the donkey garden." We captured 6400 square feet for big crops, those that take a lot of space, like sweet corn, melons, squash, and animal food. I'd like to grow more of what we feed our livestock. We won't be "self-sufficient" until we  stop buying feed at Tractor Supply or the farmers co-op.

Our old mulch and manure pile will provide a solid base for the donkey garden. For a month or so, the fence will provide temporary digs for Roxie, Calvin and Hobbes, our piggish rototillers. By spring, it should be ready to plant.

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