Saturday, January 5, 2013

Go Pigaerators!

Following up on the previous post, "Garden Imaginings," today we tossed whole kernel corn around the new garden area and drove over it with our garden tractor, hoping to grind the corn into the soil, sort of like setting up a treasure hunt.

Then we released the pigaerators.
Here's Roxie diving in, digging deep with her hardy snout. Have you felt a pig's snout lately? Come on over if you haven't. They're impressive.
Tell me it's as good as chocolate. Hobbes thinks so.
"Better," says Calvin.
"What on earth is chocolate?" Roxie asks, while Hobbes waits to lick it off. "Can I, can I?" he says.
"Oh my," says Virginia. "We need a wet serviette."

1 comment:

  1. How can a person not love pigs? This is fun. I hope it works and they prepare a beautiful garden bed for us.