Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

May I suggest something for 2013?

Go local. Forget the weirdoes going loco.

An exchange between our next-to-the-top elected leaders illustrates it's time to turn our backs -- senator reid called the speaker of the house a dictator and the speaker flipped the senator an obscenity. What too often passes as argument has floated to the top.

Attention fans their fires, the same way it encourages pundits and may motivate mentally disturbed people with assault rifles. Take away their publicity by denying them attention. They'll suffocate without us.

Turn off the television. Focus on matters close to home. If you get the urge to listen in, resist (and if you can't, try not to let them know). Grab a spade or a hoe and grow something. If you don't have any land, fill some pots for your windows and porch. Take walks. Read books. Go bowling. Play golf or Scrabble. If you've got stocks, sell them or put them in a blind trust.

"I thought you recently urged folks to write their senators and representatives," says Virginia.

Maybe in normal times. I must have been delusional. Still am, I can't resist the morning news.

Another thing, only buy what you really need.

"Are you nuts?" asks Virginia. "We need more jobs, now."

Don't listen to me. Nobody, I mean nobody with any funds, is going to buy only what he or she really needs.

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