Friday, July 2, 2010

Shave, Will Ya?

"Shave next time before you come see us."  It was a joking comment by a friend.  Should I?

Karen and I recently remembered a night when we laughed about our parents not taking showers for days.  It occurred back before our oil glands slowed down, when we cared much more than we do today about what others think of the way we look.

Not long ago, Karen suggested to a friend that some day she and I might return to spending money on wardrobes.  The friend said, "Please don't.  It wouldn't be you."

I added a blue-ful shirt to my collection Wednesday evening, a "race-worthy" synthetic number awarded to me for attending all 3 events in the House Mountain summer track series.  Polyester's come a long way since my first wedding day.

"You shaved today," says Virginia.  "Why?"

I find beards awkward in summertime.  Is it too late to shave my head, now that the rest of me has been toasted brown by sunshine?

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