Thursday, July 8, 2010

Volunteer Faces

This year my garden has been blessed with volunteers, at least two in this picture. (You may need to click on the picture to see the little fellow with his back to the camera.)
That picture doesn't show the majesty of this plant.
"That's not the same plant."  Virginia always keeps me straight.  Yes, it's a different plant, but the two to the right and left of the bloom in this picture are about the same height as the first one's stalk.

"What's the windmill?" Virginia asks.  It's a mole-chaser that spins around as the wind blows and sends vibrations down the pole into the soil, which, supposedly, moles don't like.  The reddish brown box on the locust post to the right of the mole-chaser is an ultrasonic DeerGuard, which doesn't power up any more for some reason I haven't figured out.  Fortunately, knock on wood, this year we haven't had any deer volunteering to nibble on our gardens.  A few rabbits run away whenever I approach the carrots.

I think this is a volunteer lettuce bloom.  I know it's a volunteer, might not be lettuce.  See the guy in the middle, with the green head and thorax?
"Don't peek!"

"Okay mom, I'm not quite ready anyway."

"Neither are we," says today's only models that are not volunteers.

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