Tuesday, July 13, 2010



If I had a twin,
could we share boyfriends
and watch each other being me?
Would I have a guaranteed
best friend for life?
My luck, I’d go to prison
for something she did
and she’d forget to visit me on Sundays,
or my parents couldn’t afford
more than one of anything.
It would be tough
always trying to be better,
constantly seeking a way to stick out.
I like being twinless,
but does she?

These are the words to a song I wrote several years ago. The Arrowhead Trio will be performing it in a benefit concert Friday night, along with guest soprano, Catherine Gaylard.

The husband of the soprano who premiered this piece asked me this when he heard it, "What were you smoking when you wrote that?"

"He didn't know you very well, I guess," says Virginia.

True, but then how well does anyone really know anyone else? 

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