Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leaf Collection

After our visitors left this morning, I couldn't resist the blue sky, sixty degree temperature and changing colors. I laced my shoes, loaded my bottle belt, and aimed at Wildcat Mountain.  This jogger almost tripped when he traded waves with some loggers he recognized.  For a while after, I kept my eyes on the ground. (Be sure to click on each photo if you want to see the entire view.)
I noticed many colorful maples, tulip poplars, Virginia creepers and sassafras, but only brown oaks.  Ah, here's one.
Then it was time to raise my eyes.  Here's the Devil's Marbleyard.
Today, as I approached the top of Wildcat Mountain, I chose Cave Mountain Lake instead of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Having reached a smoother surface, my eyes gazed higher...
and higher.
"I'd bet there was a lot of traffic up there," says Virginia.

Not a single car.  Just me and the leaves.

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  1. Spectacular-- thanks for the views. Anything green in the greenhouse yet?