Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. Know Nothing

Here is Mr. Know-Nothing in front of his newly installed greenhouse.
Three other essential ingredients should be in this picture, but we forgot to bring out the camera -- Karen, the puzzle mastermind; John, the squarest fellow around; and Susan, the predictor of truth despite our denials.  Karen, having photographed Humpty before we took him apart, figured out how to put Dumpty back together again.  John, builder and carpenter extraordinaire, brought his transit and showed us how to properly layout the mini-foundation.  When I set about to do something wrong the first time, as is my custom, Susan consistently pointed out what I would do second.  Susan, who knows greenhouses, having done this before, brought me a gift, a book on greenhouse gardening, and predicted that soon I will understand the various zones inside this one.  Thank you again, all three of you.

Meanwhile, I know nothing about this thing, except what I learned today while putting it together.  As you can tell, that part isn't yet finished -- the thing isn't "green" yet because it has no roof, sides or plants.  Maybe I'll read the book before the plastic shows up.

So tell me, what should I put in this thing?  Broccoli, greens, tomatoes?  Orange and grapefruit trees?  How about some comments for this neophyte?

"I think you have your work cut out for you," says Virginia.  "So much for my future."

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