Friday, April 23, 2010

Do-Rag Corn Dance

Although we're still weeks away from our historical frost-free date, my first planting of sweet corn for this year went in yesterday.  My friend, Bill, had come up from North Carolina to visit and I decided to take advantage of him.  Suspecting what was up, he dropped into Tee Pee's next door and walked out with a do-rag. (Looking at this guy reminds me I'd better get over there and make sure he paid for it.)

I took that to mean he was ready to dance, and dance in the dirt we did -- for at least 7 hours.  Being a former Fortune 500 executive familiar with the value of employee empowerment, I let him pretend he was leading.

He resigned last night before we'd finished, so I added the finishing touches myself.

 "I see you've found a good use for out-of-date CDs," says Virginia.

"Yeah, your latest album hasn't been selling well," I say. "I thought they might discourage the crows from eating my seeds and seedlings."

"Right," says Virginia.  "Wait 'til the sun shines.  I hope you'll shoot another picture then."

We'll see.

1 comment:

  1. I would love to dance with that hot guy wearing the do-rag! Was he really planting corn or what?