Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Traffic Jams in Arnolds Valley

Folks driving by our place often slow down.  Witty, our goat sire, might be dancing on the goats' jungle gym or the female goats and their kids might be grazing together.  Sometimes a car parks along the side of the road and the occupants walk to our fence to engage in some heavy petting, which the goats love.

Last year I was hoeing at one end of the 1/4 acre field garden while Olga, our scarecrow, stood guard at the other.  I was out of my mind as usual until I heard someone talking.  A car had stopped and the driver was talking to Olga.  He seemed pretty embarrassed when I walked over to bid him hello.

People also slow down after I install a new set of CDs to keep crows away from newly planted seeds.  Take a look.

"They're very sparkly, very sparkly, like a holiday," says Virginia.

"Yea man, unless it rains," I say.

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