Saturday, April 3, 2010

The First Spring Weed Offensive

Today was the third and final day of my first spring comprehensive weeding.  My next big task is mulching.  Looking at the gardens now, you probably wouldn't believe they're "no-till."  Most of last year's mulch has become earth. 

I've transplanted Olga to stand at the end of my first row of 4 garden beds.  If you click on the picture, you'll see her better.  She'll wait patiently until I plant corn late this month, then her job will be to keep the crows and varmints away.  I may have to plug in her radio (or maybe Virginia will sing -- are you there, Virginia?)  To the left is a second row of 3 beds.  Farther left, outside this picture, are 3 more beds.  And to the right, also out of sight, separately fenced into the goat's pasture, are 2 beds planted in winter wheat.  That makes 12 beds, our grocery store.

Here's my first planting of lettuces....

not counting the volunteers from last year, which have been gracing our table for a week.  I guess you'll need to click on this picture -- see the lettuce in the middle of the bed, especially on the right?  This bed is completely surrounded by garlic.

Here are my favorites, until the sweet corn's ready, peas (with onions in the center and some beets in the foreground).  The neighboring bed, closer to the camera but out of the picture, is full of peas. 

Finally, here's a shot of the 3 Southern beds.  The closest contains a couple honeyberry plants, the underground (potatoes and asparagus) and some stray garlic.  The middle bed has strawberries and more potatoes, and the one surrounding the greenhouse holds another planting of winter wheat.

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