Sunday, April 4, 2010


The hours definitely had wings this morning.  About 9, I began transplanting tomato seedlings from frantic flats into personalized pots.  I finished about 70 pots of tomatoes, then a dozen sweet peppers and a few Brussels sprouts.  When I looked at my watch, it said 1:15.

After lunch I returned to a flat of brassicas (cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli).  Because the dozen I transplanted into garden beds yesterday had fared well, I decided to plant the rest of them today.  More than other years, now about 60 of these friends are growing outside.  You might be able to find 46 of them mid-bed in this picture.

I like to encourage others to plant gardens, but I realize it's a time-consuming proposition.  I've invested almost 30 hours just in the past 4 days.

"Folks could plant much smaller gardens than you do," says Virginia, "say, the size of one of your beds.  That alone could provide a lot of food."

"Sure," I say, "and a lot of exercise."

"What was it you said a week ago?"  says Virginia.  "'In every home a hoe' and a commenter suggested printing tee shirts."  (See Rain Rain Beautiful Rain, March 28, 2010.)

Consider a gardener's hoe tastefully stitched on the breast pocket of a polo shirt, and on the back:  "The New Health Care Plan:  In Every Home a Hoe."  Any orders?


  1. I want one of those t-shirts. Then do I have to start hoeing? Maybe we need another good hoe.

  2. I would like to order 1 -size large or maybe medium if this week goes well and I get more exercise.