Sunday, September 19, 2010


Water bottles, check.  Cellphone (I'll be alone), check.  Camera, check.  Belt tightened.  All right, let's go.
Off into the green canopy, 11 miles up, with no vehicles for the first 5 miles, guaranteed.

Uh-oh.  Someone's been busy sawing since the last time I ran past.
This is Arnold's Valley.  Our house is hard to find.
Phew! Those first 5 miles weren't easy, took about an hour, all up.  There, around the bend, is Parker's Gap Road.  No traffic today.
A side trip to Apple Orchard Falls?  Maybe next time.
Today.  Hey Larry, remember this spot when we ran up here 5 months ago?  Probably not.  Here's another clue.
Same spot, 5 months ago.
Heading North on the Appalachian Trail, anyone?  Climb these steps and read the sign.
"Are we there yet?" asks Virginia.

Nope, we still have a couple miles to go, and another 500 feet up.
Now we're close.  There's the golf ball.
Turnaround!  We made it.  It's downhill from here.
Finally, time to rest.  Great weather, great run.

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  1. You're insane! My lungs are heaving just reading this!