Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Ordinary Kitchen

Welcome to our ordinary kitchen.  What's going on today?  I'm making iced tea, which is when the thought struck me and I began to look around.
Karen baked some very tasty baguettes, from sourdough starter that, last night, made me wonder if something had hidden somewhere and died in our kitchen.
On the left, hung a few days ago on the chair to dry, waits a cheese bag that drained the whey from the farmhouse cheddar Karen squeezed tight in the cheese press on the right.
Here's the cheese, almost ready to be coated with red wax from the makeshift double-boiler on the right, which saves our good pots and pans from a messy clean-up job.  Behind, see the black baguette pan.

Oh, in the window, the bottles in which the base of the cheese -- goat's milk -- is stored.
Enough of the chief cook and bottlewasher, let's move back to my territory.  Our friend, Susan, brought us such a tasty Ambrosia melon, I had to think ahead.
"What's on the left?" asks Virginia.

Perhaps she means the red coffee container, which we've converted into either a goat/chicken scrap collector or a temporary compost bin.  Or, the antique custard glass?  That's where we put the wax we peel off the cheese we eat.  Who says we can't use it again?
Hey, who put that in here?  It's a basket of garlic, which broke into cloves because I waited too long to dig them up.
Aw, come on.  Must you remind me?  This spud is lonely because I've abandoned its siblings underground.  I must remember to dig them up before the rainy season arrives (when, the next millennium?).
There now, the future of the Ambrosia melon has joined the Georgia Candy Roaster.  A gardener always has ladies in waiting.

"Definitely," says Virginia.  "It's an ordinary kitchen."

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