Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Room with a View

Karen blogged about my river today, so I will, too.
That's a view of the James River from our master bedroom.

"I don't think so," says Virginia.  "It's too wide."

Mamma Mia, that's Capri!  Jerry, are you back there?  You put in the wrong slide.  Getting and keeping a good staff is hard these days. 

"Jerry quit yesterday," says Virginia.  "He got a better offer."

I thought he wanted an internship, so I offered him one.

"Yeh, well, he found a paying job," says Virginia.
"Good grief," says Virginia.  "That looks like a scene from La Boheme.  You can't see anything outside the window, certainly not the river."

Shoot, she's right.  That would be Opossum Run.  Where's the new intern?
I give up. Go ahead, imagine the James River, in one of the mirrors if you like.  Or come visit us.  We take all of our visitors to our private peninsula, where Karen and I hung out this afternoon.

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  1. You guys are GREAT! I am go glad we met- was it last year?- seems like forever ago. Got to get John down to the river!!