Thursday, March 4, 2010

Farm Surprises

Our 2-month snow blanket has finally melted.  Guess what I found underneath yesterday.


My root buddies:  Carrots, parsnips and salsify.  After Karen added some of them to her mighty fine home-made chicken vegetable soup, the aroma and gentle flavor of parsnips coaxed me into buying more seeds to plant this year.  They keep much better underground than carrots.  They're perfect while most of the carrots are riddled with lines and grit and are rather sharp in a carroty way.

Today, another day, another surprise.  That's what life on a farm is all about.  Poppy, one of our Mini LaManchas, bayed more than normal overnight and her ligaments loosened, but because she didn't paw the ground or drip mucus we figured she had several hours to go.  I went off to the cabin to practice.  When Karen went out to check on her, she found an extra hoof hanging out.  Boom, shazam, or should I say Shamus?


I returned in time to watch Karen reach inside to pull out our first stillbirth.  Shamus, though, is alive and well.

"What happened to the other?" asks Virginia.

I said last rites and donned my undertaker's cap.

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  1. Mary Pannabecker SteinerMarch 6, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    I am SO envious that you have carrots and parsnips hidden away under the snow. Anne LOVES parsnips and cooks them all the time. I don't use them as often as I should since they're relatively inexpensive. Keep thinking I should go back to more veggie gardening, but don't want to encourage my shoulder to hurt...since it feels so good these days.