Monday, March 8, 2010

Salem Gold Box

I found this at the end of our driveway this morning.  Do you see anything "gold" in this picture, other than the two words, "Gold Box?"

I don't.   Maybe if I smoked Salem I would.  Do you think perhaps the manufacturers of Salem believe that people who smoke their cigarettes are stupid.  Or self-selected color-blind?

Okay, maybe the cigarettes themselves are Salem Golds and this is their box, which isn't gold, never was, but then I'd think they'd print "Salem Gold" with "box" down below.  Hmmm, do they really think we need to be told this is a box?

Help me.  Am I missing a sharp marketing ploy?

For the moment, although I may change my mind, I find the labeling on this box disrespectful.  I'd say, as an aspiration, everyone initially should be entitled to respect, sort of like "all men and women are created equal."  Of course, some people are no longer entitled to respect because they've abused their positions and lost it.

As a matter of practice, I've learned not to expect respect.  I've changed jobs, moved and been promoted enough times in my life to realize that with each change I must re-earn respect.  It can be frustrating.  It can be hard on the ego.  While I don't necessarily have to do anything, other than be nice to people, some things are no-nos.

People in positions of power and influence have a special trust, a public trust, they must preserve and protect.  Politicians, policemen, teachers and business leaders fit in that category, but so do you and I, as parents, mentors, coaches -- and designers of product packaging.

"Good point," says Virginia.  "I'd better stop calling my home a 'church.'"

"It was a church," I say, "as much as he was a colonel or she was a teacher, but please don't call it red.  I don't see anything red about it, not even the chimney."

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