Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain Rain Rain Beautiful Rain

Another beautiful day is well underway. I ran the 4 miles to Arrowhead Lodge this morning and couldn't stop, continuing 2 more miles up Thunder Ridge, where pileated woodpeckers punctuated my climb with their fluttering flutes. Rain clouds hid the other peaks and now and then dropped their bounty on me. Why complain? I was sweating anyway. A little more water didn't hurt. Besides, as a running gardener, I welcome these slow days of "rain rain rain beautiful rain" (Ladysmith Black Mambazo):

Procrastinate and the local paper will contain quotes such as “we haven’t had a chance, the rains never let up” next to a sidebar of you kayaking in warm sunshine during a dry week. Instead, stay on top and a gardener should relish days like today, when his hard work begins to bear fruit as seeds sprout and sprouts flourish.

"You're lucky you can schedule 'work' around gardening," says Virginia. "People who must show up 8 to 5 can't do that."

Yes, I'm fortunate. I vote for a change in priorities, for everyone. After all, two people referred to me as an "idiot" during the last week, so what do I have to lose?

I don’t think I ever mentioned the message I left
on a hospital’s care page for an old friend.
The software censor thought my garden “hoe”
was as profane as words I will leave unsaid;
it had a vested interest in filling every bed
with Splenda, Velveeta, Spam and Pringles.
Mr. President, may I propose a simple
health care plan: “In every home a hoe.”


  1. What's wrong with Pringles? Just kidding. I do like them though.

    Ok, one day of rain is ok. I want sunshine tomorrow though.

  2. Mary Pannabecker SteinerMarch 28, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    I read that hoe post. Didn't see anything wrong with that one. And who called you an idiot? Why? What do they know anyway.

  3. Let's get tee shirts made and march on Washington. "In every home a hoe"