Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to Arrowhead Lodge

Who's right?  Who's left?  With all the yelling and bombast, it's easy to get confused.  Sometimes it seems civility is a relic of the past.

Switch left and right in this picture and you can see the great room of Arrowhead Lodge, home to my piano and a long history of good times.  Built about 1927 by Bill Burks, the locals referred to it as "Burks' Cabin." A couple octogenarians told us they'd "bring their own" (BYOB) here for weekend barn dances. Someone else said the revelers didn't leave their guns at home.

A log cabin "expert" we hired for suggestions walked into this room and shook his head.  "The fella who built this didn't know what he was doing," he said as he pointed at the 40-foot long wall.  Right, I thought, 80 years after that fella did what he didn't know how to do.

To give you a little geographical perspective, a 16-mile round-trip run takes me to this natural wonder, The Natural Bridge, once owned by Thomas Jefferson:

Here's a view looking up from directly under The Natural Bridge, over which runs Route 11.  


"I wonder what it's like to sing under the Bridge," says Virginia.

"Hey, I bet they'd be glad to have you solo at the Easter sunrise service," I say.

"Sign me up," says she, breaking into Mozart's Alleluia (from Exsultate, jubilate). (I'm hoping she doesn't forget the word(s). Smack!)

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  1. Tell Virginia I am going to the sunrise service and she will have stiff competition if the guy who sang last year is there again. My sister-inlaw still talks about his voice.