Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tour Italia

In September 2008, after studying Italian on Pimsleur CDs, Karen and I vacationed in Italy.  Here's a quick tour.

In Venice, this is the site of the first murder by robots.  A workman was repairing something on the roof and forgot these guys would swing their hammers to ring the bell.  "Ouch!" says Virginia.

Also in Venice, these are the piano movers.  Click on the center boat.  "Hey, it'd be fun to set it on its legs and serenade everyone," says Virginia.

While in Verona, for good luck in love, men must do this to Juliet. "Yeah, right," says Virginia.

I think Burt, filming Mary Poppins, might have found a challenge in Scanno. "Everyday's a holiday with you, Burt," sings Virginia.

Certain orchestra members are not allowed in Scanno.  "French goats?" asks Virginia.

We came upon these Juliets at the National Museum in Rome.  "You seem to have a breast fetish," says Virginia.

This orange Roman fence, if installed on our cabin's deck, would pass inspection. "And it would be beautiful," says Virginia.

Sneak a peak at this curbside scene outside the Church of St. Peter-in-Chains, Rome.  "Rest break?" asks Virginia.

Mamma Mia, look at the view from our room on Capri!  "Nice railing," says Virginia.

Feeding the birds on Capri.  "What's in the bag?" says Virginia.

In Florence, we had to recharge our rental car.  "I thought you said you didn't drive in Italy?" asks Virginia.

This door, in Corneglia, reminded me of the window along the route of the Boston Marathon that urges runners to "check your form."  "CIA headquarters?" asks Virginia.

In Milan (Brera), grocery shopping is not for the blind.  "That's what we need in Sin Valley," says Virginia.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour.  Please come again.


  1. Hi James! Thanks for directing me to you blog! Very interesting! I loved the photo of the piano going down the Grand Canal! How funny. Italians are indeed resourceful people. I bet your trip was wonderful. Did you visit our blog - all about our two year stay in Italy. It was amazing.

    I love what you wrote on your profile - how lucky you are!

  2. Thank you. I haven't but will visit your blog. As you might have guessed, we're rather happily farm-bound for now, but that doesn't mean we don't dream of living 6 months here and there. I'd like to learn Italian, and French, and....