Friday, May 7, 2010

Facebook and the Garden

I read court decision after court decision, my eyes blur and my mind wanders out the window.  I hear Karen hammering while she works on the turkey barn.  The sliding door she made, and Adam and I helped her hang yesterday, is impressive (see her blog for yesterday, May 6, 2010, "Barn Door," at

I've got work to do, food to plant, and here I am stuck indoors.  "What a putz," you probably say (that's about it for my Yiddish vocabulary), as I take time out to post a blog entry.

Speaking of vocabulary, I defriended a real putz yesterday, on Facebook.  I'm allowed to call him a real putz because he has called me worse.  It's scary how much I've learned in the few months I've been on Facebook.  I learned that "friend" is now a verb.  Next, I added the term "defriended."  Sensitive idiot that I am, I was pleased to learn that the defriended person does not receive any notice of defriending, so folks with hundreds of friends may not even notice the defriendship, but a defriending may come as a shock to those with only a few friends.  Now, I have a chance to "refriend" if the mood hits me, except Facebook won't allow me to refriend.  The only way back is to friend again.

Let's turn, now, toward something I find more rewarding that online social networking.  My peas have begun to bloom, which means meals are soon to follow.

"Get out of my way, please," says a King of the Garden lima bean.
My in-laws deserve a thank you for these almost-ripe honeyberries.
"Up so soon?"  Virginia asks the edamame (soybeans) I planted less than a week ago.
Our winter wheat is well on its way to home-made bread.

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