Monday, May 3, 2010

How About Some Help?

I know very little about fruit trees, although I planted an orchard four years ago.  I watch, learn, forget and try to remember things such as when to apply Surround, an organic spray made of kaolin clay that attempts to make the environment wrong for certain predators, such as codling moths.  I uniformly fail to remember the first application, and if I do remember, then I forget the following weekly applications.  Maybe next year.

In the meantime, I have a question for you.  I planted two apricot trees and nearby, a peach.  In each case, the main stem, which I assume was grafted onto the root stock of another variety of the same fruit, died after a couple years and broke off.  New branches with much more attractive purplish leaves grew from the roots of the apricots, and this year they're loaded with fruit (for now, of course).  Part of me wanted to replace these "failures" with new trees, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because the purple plants were doing very well and I was curious.  I didn't replace the peach, either.  Here's the question.  The peach tree is bearing two types of fruit -- on different branches.

 Fuzzy fruit

Smooth fruit

Tell me, what's happening here?  What should I expect?

As for the summer garden, which received an early start when I noticed that the 10-day weather forecast showed no sign of frost, here's an update.  Let's start with the corn.  Here's a sample of Bill's hills (see "Do-Rag Corn Dance," April 23, 2010).

And here, our competing corn rows.  Yes, I know, they're hard to see, and if I don't get busy soon, the Johnsongrass (or crabgrass or whatever you call it) may take over.
Here's something you can't miss -- Blue Lake green beans.  They're fulfilling to grow because they quickly sprout and get big.
Turning back to the spring garden, here's a view of the oats I planted later than I should have, on April 23.
Here are some of my peas.  I don't tie them up or train them to grow on ladders like some folks do.
"How come you've never mentioned our bug-eating friends, Mary Ann, Ginger, Skipper and Gilligan?" says Virginia.

"Which one is Ginger?"

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