Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Monk in the Morning

As this tall man walked through his garden this morning, he saw shadows everywhere.  For some reason, those dark shapes reminded him of recent indicators that "economic recovery" is elusive.  We certainly aren't there yet, not even close.  Pending commercial loan defaults (such as the loans that made possible the office buildings we see with empty parking lots) wait in the shadows, as Greece and the BP oil spill fill today's limelight.  Rising and falling stock prices are more a reflection of mood than real economic value, yet emotion is real, often more real than anything else.  Did you ever wake up at night and start worrying until a broader perspective dispersed the worry in the morning?  So it is with the "markets."

Your Home is Your Castle

Avoid Forbidden Fruit (Apple)

Traipse Carefully Across a Pergola

"We walk a tightrope, don't we?" asks Virginia.

"I'd rather think of it as a balance beam," I say, "a little sturdier, more room to walk."
Balance Beam

"Don't worry, be happy," says Virginia, "stand up straight, and don't let tricycles run over you."

Hunchback and Trike Tracks

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