Friday, May 21, 2010

Crash Course

My friends, if I disappear for awhile, it's because I'm writing a new book.  I'm sure you'll anxiously await its release.  The U.S. Senate passed its version of a financial reform bill last night about 8:46, so for me it's kickoff time.  My commitment is to have a book ready within 2 weeks after President Obama signs whatever the House and Senate agree upon.  I'm hoping it takes at least a few weeks to get that bill out of conference and back through the two Houses.  After all, as you know, I have strawberries to pick, peas to shell, music to play, not to mention family to enjoy living with, guests to entertain, poems to draft, and, yes, Virginia.

"You're nuts," says Virginia, "little focus, all fluff, and sometimes so serious.  I wish you'd grow up."

"Just remember," I say.  "John Grisham writes a book every fall in a month or two."

"Yeah right," she says, "like you're Grisham, and to whom of his characters should I aspire?"

Good point.

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