Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cucumbers and Peas Approaching

I never understood why some gardeners bought cucurbit seedlings, that is, cucumbers, squash, and melons.  They grow easily and fast if you simply stick seeds in the ground.  Then in late March or April of this year, when it was too early to plant cucurbits outside, I saw our greenhouse standing there and thought, hey, maybe it would be fun to get a head start on these things.  So I planted a few.

I've been watching and now look.
It's a guerkin wannabe, more accurately a cornichon, which I understand is a cucumber less than 2 inches long, whereas a guerkin is the same species as a cucumber but not a cucumber.  Inaccurately, I guess, I call little cucumbers guerkins after they've been pickled.  Whatever, this guy may be a big cucumber in another week.

In case you're interested, the sugar snap peas whose purple blossoms I posted a few days ago are progressing nicely....
as are the Wando peas.
"You may be shelling a bushel or two while analyzing the financial reform bill," says Virginia.

She's right, as I did in law school while studying for exams.

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